Password Management

Building better relationships with passwords!

Security is a serious arena, but it doesn’t need to be complicated or cumbersome. Let the team at Pinpoint Solutions help you take better control of your password management. NEVER STORE passwords in a .xls document or a book ever again! Keep all the important data in a safe and auditable form that the team can use. You will save SO MUCH TIME if everyone uses the same toolset for password management. Get the information out of your techs’ heads and into a form that your team can leverage. Also remember… It’s not just for passwords! You can use this for Door Codes, Security Info, and all other important “stuff” that you need to secure and know who has seen the info.


Imagine a world where your techs no longer waste time searching for passwords…

Let’s face it, passwords aren’t going anywhere for a while, and as an MSP you’ve got a LOT of them!  If we can be frank, it’s time our industry retired password spreadsheets.

This is why Passportal introduced Ocular™ as a Password Management solution tailor built for the way an IT Service Provider operates their business.

We have created a world where passwords change themselves, related configurations update automatically, and techs need to know fewer and fewer passwords to do their job.

  • Protection from Rogue or Former Technicians
  • Military Grade Password Data Security
  • Password Change Automation

Our team can’t decrypt or see your data.

It’s one thing for a solution to say to trust them because they are “encrypting your data”, it’s a whole other level of security to state that there is no way our team can decrypt and see your data.

Your security is the #1 priority, so Passportal ensures the best protection in the industry. Our suite of security solutions are audited and tested by the leading security assessment firm in the world.

Ocular™ has been designed from the ground up with your security in mind so that your data never falls into the wrong hands.

Password Change Automation

Whether someone left or you just want to rotate passwords regularly.

Ocular™ Windows Directory Service Control agents will do the heavy lifting and let you rest easy. What all does this entail?  We’re glad you asked!

  • Auto-expire passwords on any frequency
  • Automatically generate a unique complex password (no more fluffybunny99)
  • Set the password for the account in Active Directory
  • Create an audit log that this has been done
  • Perform an auto-discovery on the local Windows network for places the password is used
  • Auto-update the configs of Windows services and scheduled tasks to use the new password across the network

If it sounds Auto-magic, that’s because it is!


Granular Access Control

Configured the way your business operates

Most systems provide two access options – All or Nothing.  Ocular™however lets you control exactly what functions each user can perform within the platform, and further apply granular data access assignments at varying levels such as clients, subfolders, and individual passwords.

  • Technician only need access for a few minutes?  You got it!
  • Technician moving to a new practice area?  No problem!
  • Client assignments change?  We’ve got you covered!
  • Client wants access to passwords?  Handled under your own brand!

Auditing & Reporting

Everything you need to know

Client data is the most valuable asset any business has, and your team has virtually unencumbered access to it all.  As a result, you and your clients deserve and need to know who has accessed their systems and when it happened.

Beyond the “what happened when” type stuff, leverage Ocular™ to demonstrate value your business is delivering to clients.  Show them reports on the complexity of all their passwords, that passwords were all changed in the last 90 days or less and are unique to each account.

Having insights into the usage and security of how client credentials are used within your company will not only better position you to make mindful business decisions, but differentiate you from local competitors.

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