MSP General Consulting

What is MSP General Consulting?

As you know, our team is made up of industry experts. The team has massive Manage Services experience, together we have bought and sold MSP’s and even resurrected old lines of business and spun them off into their own profitable lines of business. Often we are asked to participate in general consulting engagements. These engagements are typically contract retainers where MSP’s leverage our expertise to flush things out and to find out what others are doing. We are also brought in when you just need another point of view external to the company’s goals and objectives. We are not the expert in all things, but we know enough people in the industry that can connect you with the right people if you come across something so unique that we need to bring in more resources.

I am thinking of Selling my MSP, how do I know if I am ready?

Lets us take a look – Let’s do a run through. We have bought and sold MSP’s from 10 end clients to 200 end clients. Let us mock purchase your MSP. lets see how you handle our questions. Lets see if you can produce the reports we are asking for. We can help you find your weaknesses and build on them to become your strength. This will be time well spent as you do not want to learn on someone else’s time. When you are ready we can also partner you up with a service to help you market your MSP.

I am thinking of buying another company and blending it into my MSP, can you help me vett them?

Our team has been brought into many situations to help evaluate new offerings and business goals. Together let’s take a look and see if the time and investment is worth looking into.

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